A Flu Vaccine That’s Always in Season: A single shot to thwart all flu viruses may be within reach.
January 2014

Why whooping cough vaccines are wearing off: Doctors race to protect kids.
October 2013

Rethinking Rabies: Some rabies infections may not be lethal, but be especially wary of dog bites.
August 2013

 Shock to the System: During sepsis, the body attacks itself. Researchers are working on new ways to fight back.
April 2013

The New Medical Monitoring: Mobile phones and tiny sensors are helping define health trends.
 March 2013 

Virtues of the virtual autopsy: Medical imaging offers new ways to examine the deceased.
November 2012

Clean Sweep: Hospitals bring janitors to the front lines of infection control. 
September 2012

International AIDS Conference Returns to the US: So much has changed in the 22 years since the conference was last held in the US that its return effectively marks a new phase in the epidemic
July 2012

Return of the Clap: Gonorrhea is developing resistance to the last category of drugs that still work against it
May 2012                                         

Food Poisoning’s Hidden Legacy: Foodborne illness is an unpleasant few days of fever and diarrhea — and maybe lifelong consequences.
April 2012          

Diabetes Mystery: Why Are Type 1 Cases Surging?: Researchers are baffled by the worldwide increase in the less common form of the disease.
February 2012

Swapping Germs: Should Fecal Transplants Become Routine for Debilitating Diarrhea?: A potentially beneficial treatment for serious ailments may fall victim to regulatory difficulties.
December 2011

The Enemy Within: A new pattern of antibiotic resistance that is spreading around the globe may leave us defenseless.
 April 2011

New Strain of Drug-Resistant Staph Found in US Pigs: If a newly arrived European strain leads to human disease, it could complicate the struggle against MRSA.
January 2009