Every once in a while: Some stuff about me

Drowning in work here, folks, which is a pity because there’s lots of news to talk about. Back soon. Meanwhile: I try not to do this very often, because most of what we have to talk about is so much more interesting than me — but my week at UGA, which is capped by an appearance at the Decatur Book Festival, has generated some ink. So here’s some amusements for your morning coffee:

  • A very kind Q&A with me, done by excellent pal Barth Anderson, operator of the feisty food-policy site Fair Food Fight
  • Another Q&A by my former colleague Phil Kloer, for the great arts blog Arts Critic ATL
  • And a video about one of my speeches at UGa, done by student TV station WNEG-TV. (The last line of the report? I didn’t say that. But otherwise, well done.)

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