Must-read: Scientopia, a new science-blog collective

Constant readers will remember that Superbug exited this space in early June to go hang out at Scienceblogs, and returned in late July after an ethical dilemma there wasn’t solved to my comfort level. Nothing special about me; a number of bloggers there left, about 20 or one-quarter of the roster if the numbers I’ve heard are correct.

Scienceblogs was a great blog community, and its implosion is a pity. But the unintended consequences turn out to be good news, which is the seeding of that concentrated array of talent back throughout the blogosphere. All kinds of exciting new arrangements are being rumored and chatted up.

And today, one makes its debut: Scientopia!

It’s a very cool-looking new network — employee-owned, as it were — that turns out to be hosting a number of my former Sciblings, including Book of Trogool, Christina’s LIS Rant, The Questionable Authority, Good Math/Bad Math, and excellent physician-blogger PAL MD of White Coat Underground.

There’s a Twitter addy and an RSS feed and all kinds of shiny newness. Check them out, please.

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