New film on organic farming (for European readers and others)

This is a little outside our usual subject matter, but it follows nicely on the past two days’ discussion of the CBS packages on antibiotics in farming, so:

What looks like a marvelous new documentary exploring environmental damage and human illness from pesticides and other farming chemicals is coming out in France, but needs assistance to get onto the international festival circuit. It’s called Nos enfants nous accuseront (Our Children Will Hold Us Responsible), and among other things, looks at the efforts of a French village to make all the food served in its schools organic — which, even in food-centric France, is much harder than it sounds.

You can view the trailer here. The more clicks, the more the film will be taken to have support, and the higher its rankings will go for festival consideration.

It comes well-recommended by friends of mine in Paris, so I hope you’ll take a look.

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