SUPERBUG interest from collegial fellow bloggers

I haven’t been posting it all here — because, you know, that’s why the book has its own website — but SUPERBUG has been getting lots of positive press and reviews. (Yay us.)

But a piece over the weekend was especially meaningful to me and I wanted to call it out: Flu blogger and DailyKos diarist DemfromCT featured the book on his DailyKos page. (And, behold the power of networks: 178 comments this morning. Wow.)

Liz Borkowski at The Pump Handle kindly reproduced Dem’s post.

This builds, of course, on early, consistent and indefatigable support from flu blogger Mike Coston of Avian Flu Diary.

As the book’s acknowledgments say (p. 218!), I am so grateful for our blog community’s support. Sincere thanks to all.

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