Bacterial music-video festival (tornado edition)

We had scary-bad weather in the Southeast the past two days. Thankfully, there was no serious damage where I am, but the devastation to the north and west is appalling, with about 180 300 deaths so far. Please spare a thought for them.

It’s going to take me a while to haul my working materials back out from the storm shelter, and by storm shelter, I mean first-floor closet under the stairs behind the washing machine, which was about the only place that would have been protected from shattering glass and flying roof materials.

So in the meantime: This morning, Twitter tossed up a UK hospital’s attempt to energize its staff to wash their hands more frequently. It’s sweet, funny, and — apologies to the participants — unavoidably snark-inducing. Have a look:


Apparently there’s an entire motivational-video genre of hospital staff singing, dancing and urging good hygiene. (How did I not know this?) Here’s a Chicago version from Northwestern Memorial Hospital, in which the dancing is marginally better but the staff, God bless them, can really sing:


My favorite by far though is this one, produced by Novant Health Care in North Carolina as part of their aggressive and successful handwashing campaign (recounted in SUPERBUG). Make sure to watch through the credits for the outtakes.



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