Get Your Shots, Wash Your Hands, Thanks, and Goodbye

By Maryn / March 27, 2015

A final post from the Superbug blog, with sincere thanks to readers, colleagues and editors.

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"We Are Not Ready": Ebola Analysis from Front-Line Workers (And Bill Gates)

By Maryn / March 23, 2015

A new report from Doctors Without Borders excoriates the international response to Ebola, and at the annual TED conference, Bill Gates outlines how to do better next time.

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Ebola Could Cause Thousands More Deaths — By Ushering In Measles

By Maryn / March 15, 2015

The social disruption and fear created by the Ebola epidemic in Africa may open the door to a second, larger epidemic, of measles.

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Your McNuggets: Soon Without a Side of Antibiotics

By Maryn / March 4, 2015

Fast food giant McDonald’s volunteers to buy only chicken raised without routine antibiotic use, a move likely to shake up both the food industry and agriculture.

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Ebola's Not Over For Health Care's Volunteers

By Maryn / March 4, 2015

Health care workers who caught Ebola while treating its victims in the US and in Africa continue to struggle with poor health and the stigma of the disease.

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Resistance: The Movie That Will Make You Care About Antibiotic Misuse

By Maryn / February 24, 2015

The director of “Resistance,” a new documentary about antibiotic over-use in medicine and agriculture, explains why we should be worried that drugs no longer work.

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The Poultry Industry Responds to an Activist Farmer

By Maryn / February 23, 2015

The poultry industry responds to a farmer who let animal activists into his barns, and then filed for whistleblower protection

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A Factory Farmer Strikes Back at the Company He Farms For

By Maryn / February 19, 2015

A factory farmer who let animal-welfare activists film inside his barns files for whistleblower protection so he can keep farming.

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Still Fighting Ebola: A View from Liberia's Front Line

By Maryn / February 16, 2015

A report from a front-line Ebola fighter working in Liberia shows how much remains to be done to beat the terrifying disease.

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How to Fight Superbugs: Start Spending Money

By Maryn / February 5, 2015

A UK project that raised eyebrows last year with its dire estimate of how many deaths antibiotic resistance will cause returns with a recommendation for global investment in the problem.

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