Early Sneak Peek: Resistance the Film

A fantastic pair of producers named Ernie Park and Michael Graziano, who jointly make up a company called Uji Films, are working on a documentary about antibiotic resistance called, appropriately, Resistance. (Among their previous works: the fantastic Lunch Line about the U.S. School Lunch Program.) They asked if I would be taped for it, I was thrilled, and here’s a rough-cut sneak peek.


They have also talked to Lance Price, Ph.D., author of the “where pig MRSA came from” paper from last week, and Dr. Brad Spellberg, UCLA physician and author of Rising Plague. I love Lance’s exactly-right metaphor of our running full-tilt toward a cliff.


Resistance will be out sometime this year. Find out more at Uji Films’ Facebook page.

Image courtesy Superchefblog.com


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